Iowa people need to attend caucuses to express their stand and beliefs. It cannot be done from a laptop. However, social media trends still matter when it comes to discussing popularity.

Iowa Facebook users found a 74-year-old more interesting than every other presidential candidate. Bernie Sanders, extremely popular among the young voters, turned out to be the winner if Facebook trends are to be considered.

Facebook tracked how users discussed the Iowa caucuses. Conversations included candidates and issues. The Vermont senator and the US economy were the most discussed topics on Facebook from midnight to noon on Monday, TIME reports.

Republican favourite Donald Trump fell quite far behind Democrat leader who managed to take up 42.2 percent of discussions on the social media giant. Trump, meanwhile, was part of 21.7 percent of the discussions.

Sanders turned out to be a clear favourite among Democrats. The veteran leader was in 73 percent of Democrat conversations in Iowa. His nearest rival, Hillary Clinton, was discussed only in 25 percent of total conversations on Facebook.

However, Trump is the clear winner among Republicans. He was part of half of the total conversation on the social networking website. His nearest rival, Ted Cruz, took 23 percent while Rand Paul stood at 11 percent.

The national economy was discussed the most among issues. It got 16 percent while same-sex marriage was second with 10 percent and State Department emails third with nine percent. Other issues discussed included religion and the Affordable Care Act, according to The Des Moines Register.

Presidential candidates used their Facebook pages to lure supporters as well. Clinton’s profile pic says: “Today’s the day, Iowa.” It also provides a link to Clinton’s website to sign up for voting the former secretary of state.

Today’s the day! Ready to stand with Hillary? Say #ImWithHer now:

Posted by Hillary Clinton on Monday, 1 February 2016

“The world is watching please America this is the leader of the world not reality TV Hillary R. Clinton is our best choice may almighty God propel her to Victory,” wrote one of her supporters.

“Sen. Sanders has my vote in the primary. Mrs Clinton lost my support on two issues: marijuana reform and single-payer health care,” wrote another Democrat.