Snapchat is getting interesting with every update. The messenger app has been giving a tough time for its competitors. With the latest update for iOS, the app allows you to face-swap with photos in your Camera Roll.

The app allows you to trade faces for selfie snapshots and videos. The new feature works similarly to the original. Users can turn on the selfie camera in Snapchat and then do a long press on you face opens up several filters that app offers every day. The new face-swap feature is placed in purple icon beside the original face-swap filter, as per Macworld.

Tapping on it opens up a gallery of faces from your recent Camera Roll snaps, a user can simply swipe through. However, you can’t pick any picture from your camera roll. The apps sort out the images that have faced. It also allows you to shoot and videos and pictures on which you can use the filters.

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The face-swap feature is one of most loved feature and even Facebook has recently acquired a dedicated face-swapping video app named Masquerade. Snapchat definitely knows how to keep people coming back for more. The apps keep on changing options which made a hit with users, notes The Verge.

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Snapchat has rolled out another big change in the update. Users will no longer have to pay for the replays. They can do it now for free, without daily or monetary limit. The company has changed making-making efforts. It has started focusing on advertising instead of in-app purchases.

Earlier, Snapchat vanishes messages after you open them. Later update has allowed users to replay the already-viewed snap every day.

Snapchat’s rising popularity is giving sleepless nights for its competitors. With its unique features, the messaging app has made fun for users. The new feature is added in Snapchat for Android, too.