This is something that may delight many tech aficionados. In a ruling on Tuesday, the U.S. Copyright Office issued many exemptions to the Digital Millennium Copyright Act.

The Act makes it illegal to work your way around technology works, which have been copyrighted. But according to a report on Ars Technica, smartphone jailbreaking had been given exemptions by the Copyright Office and this time around tablets and smartwatches have also been included in the mix along with smartphones. Furthermore, smart TVs have also been put on the list now. The alterations now make it legal for users to jailbreak their devices.

Here’s a quick recap of the features that the jailbreak for iOS 9 brings:

1. 3D Touch

With the recent Pangu release of the jailbreak for iOS9, most iPhone users will be able to enjoy an “effective preview” of 3D Touch, which was introduced with the iPhone 6S, as noted by The Verge.

2. File Manager

As shared by Bidness etc, Jailbreak does give the users many powers and one of them being the ability to access root files. While restrictions are done away with, thanks to Jailbreak, users will still need a file manager and here is where iFile comes into the picture. Of course, users can also opt for a third–party apps to manage the file,but iFile is one tweak that seems to sit at the top of the list.

3. Forcy

The Forcy tweak allows carrying out Quick Actions on previous iPhone models. A single swipe-up on the app is all that is required to launch the Quick Action options. Users can customize which actions will take the swipe up or the long press movement.

4. Virtual Home

Users who have already lost the functionality of the Home-Button to many years of use and are also currently unhappy with the way Assistive Touch works, Virtual Home may just be the thing for them. It allows the Touch ID hardware to take on the functions of the Home Button.

5. iCleaner

iClearner optimizes the iPhone by, as the name suggests, cleaning it up. With this tweak, all the files are scanned for any obsolete content and easily done away with.

6. Universal Force

Another tweak with which users can bring all the 3D Touch features onto the older versions of iPhone.

7. Live Photos

The Live Photos Enables tweak will bring the Live Photos features even to the previous iPhone models for users to enjoy.

8. Other Tweaks

The Pangu jailbreak for iOS9 also brings in a host of other tweaks with which iPhone users can use to get the most out of their device. These tweaks include RoundDock, BatteryLife, betterFourbyFourFolders, CC Deseparator and flux, all depicted in the video by iCrackUriDevice.

For fans wanting to jailbreak their smartphones can head here for the Pangu update.