iOS 9 Beta Now for Download; Release Date in September?

iPhone 7

In a move that may surprise many, Apple has released iOS 9 Beta for the public as opposed to just getting beta out for the app developers as it has done in the past. The Cupertino tech-giant is looking to get feedback from users before the launch of iOS 9.

In the company’s quarterly report, Tim Cook highlighted some of the key features that the new OS has to offer, as reported by IT Pro.

“We’re very excited about the advances in the iPad experience coming in iOS 9 in the fall, including the slide over and split view features for retail multitasking, picture-in-picture for FaceTime and video and enhanced QuickType for composing text even faster,” said Cook.

“[In enterprise] for instance, riding on the success of iPad use by its pilots, United Airlines has not only renewed its iPad programme with more than 10,000 iPad Air 2s, but has also made a strategic decision to provide iPhones to over 20,000 flight attendants.”

One of the many updates include Siri being sensitive to context, thereby allowing users  to tell Siri to remind them about something they are looking at, on the web or on iMessages — a reminder will directly set up for the same. According to Venture Capital Post, the OS is also expected to take care of connectivity issues as well as allow users to enjoy improved battery life.

Apple’s Notes, To-do lists and Maps have received a make-over of sorts, with Maps being integrated with directions for public transport. News, a completely new app aiming to provide a great reading experience, is also added to the mix. The upcoming OS will run on all the Apple devices which are currently capable of supporting iOS8.

US, UK and Australia will be the first countries where the new Apple News app will be rolled out, followed by it gradually being made available in other countries.

iOS 9 is expected to be launched in September, but there has been no word about the release from the company. Until then Apple fans can download the beta version from here.

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