Apple made several security and bug fixes when it released iOS 9.3.1. However, the new update also managed to remove the capability of users to turn both Night Shift and Low Power Modes on at the same time. The function was previously accessible as a hidden feature that can only be enabled by using Apple’s Siri but iOS 9.3.1 only allowed the digital voice assistant to enable only one feature at a time. Thankfully, 9to5Mac has found out a way to turn on both features at once.

1. The first thing that users have to do is to enable Low Power Mode in the Battery Options located in Settings.

2. Afterwards, users will then need to activate Siri and enable Night Shift. Apple’s voice assistant will reply with a message, asking permission that it will have to turn off Low Power Mode in order to turn on Night Shift.

3. Users will have to agree with Siri’s query with a “yes.” However, before Siri confirms the response, the sleep button must be pressed right away.

4. There should be a beep that signals Siri’s confirmation.

5. After unlocking the iPhone, both the Low Power Mode and Night Shift should be enabled simultaneously if the users nailed the timing correctly.

If you’re still getting it wrong after countless attempts, the report also includes a short video tutorial to help you check if you’re doing things right.

The video shows proof that the trick does indeed work. Low Power Mode is enabled, and the temperature of the screen is changed to a warmer contrast. The trick may be difficult to pull off for some users in their first attempts, but it should be easy enough when you finally nail the timing.

It’s also important to note that the trick might not work if your Apple device is running a beta of iOS 9.3.2.