An international graffiti artist who planned to vandalize Melbourne trains and buildings has been jailed for 6 months. He also has to face another 6 months jail in Rikers Island in New York for outstanding graffiti offenses after he finishes his jail term in Melbourne.

Jim Clay Harper, 31, was arrested by the police when an onlooker tried to stop him and his partner from pasting stickers in shops in Brunswick Street, earlier this month.

Apparently, the onlooker challenged Harper and his unknown companion. Harper’s companion replied back curtly with “you’re in f***ing Fitzroy mate; if you don’t like it go back to the ‘burbs.”

The man pursued them further and tried to click their photos but Harper grabbed the camera. When the man resisted Harper and his assistant punched him on his face and took away the camera. Initially, Harper denied that he snatch the camera but police later found it along with other belongings of the offender.

Prosecutor Tracey Ramsey in the Melbourne Magistrate Court said that Harper and his partner Danielle Bremner came to Melbourne on April 21 from the UAE. After three days, they started creating graffiti murals across Melbourne.  Harper and his partner, Bremner are the members of Made U Look (MUL) crew, reported The Age.

The couple has celebrity status in the graffiti world and also described as “Bonnie and Clyde” of street art. They started their world tour in 2011 after breaking probation in the US and spray-painted trains and buildings of more than 30 countries.

Harper’s lawyer Adrian Lewin argued that his client had not come to Australia to vandalize and said that the spraying paint is his hobby.  However, Magistrate Carolene Gwynn was not convinced with the argument. She said that Jim Clay Harper had committed criminal damage in Australia despite the fact that he was facing a jail term in the US.

The international graffiti artist pleaded guilty to 8 damage charges, attempted robbery, and recklessly causing injury charges, as per Yahoo7. His girlfriend Bremner has left Australia and went to Hong Kong.