In the world of online connectivity and social media marketing, people juggle multiple accounts just to get by. It could be in the form of another device, or it could also mean the hurdles of logging out from one account, the logging in another for the next. Instagram doesn’t want to give its users that much trouble anymore, and as such concocted a way for them to manage their accounts without them having to go through hoops to do the process.

Instagram has announced through its official blog and Twitter that the social image sharing app platform is now getting support for switching between multiple user accounts. The process is relatively simple: go to your profile settings to add an account, input your username and password, and that’s that. To switch between accounts, tap on the username at the top left of your profile and choose the account you want to use.


Now, this may lead to more confusion for a couple of users as they shudder to think of posting personal images using a public account. However, Instagram is just two steps ahead and places the profile photo that’s currently active so you can always tell which one it is you’re using.

In addition to making it easier for Instagram users, the app will further its ease of use by allowing users to add up to five accounts. If there’s one for your personal use, your blog, your office, your social life, and/or your shop, then the new feature will definitely take a load off of you. You can also get notifications from each account should you wish. You can just toggle back and forth between accounts without having to log in and out, and you don’t have to carry a back up smartphone anymore.

Available for both iOS and Android devices, Multiple Account Support is among other features that come available in Instagram version 7.15.