Indiana Mom Missing Since 1974, Found Living in Texas

Indiana mom

An Indiana mom, who walked away from her parents and three children in 1974, has been found living in Texas.

In 1974, then 28-year-old Lula Gillespie-Miller walked away from her three children and parents. The following year she sent a letter but except for that one message, they did not get any news from her since then. She has disappeared completely without a trace.

Now more than 40 years after her disappearance, due to the hard work of one police detective, the missing Indiana mom was found living in Texas this week, reported Mail Online.

Tammy Miller was only 2 when her mother left her. After the discovery of her mother’s whereabout, commented, “We sat for five minutes with our jaw dropped. It’s like something out of a movie.”

A statement released by Indiana State Police said that Lula Gillespie felt that she was too young to be a mother and gave custody of her children to her parents in Laurel. Since that day, her family did not see her.

Tammy’s family never gave her details of what happen when her mother vanished in 1994. One day in 2010, Tammy googled her mother’s name.

She said, “One day in 2010 I googled her name and then all this stuff started coming up about how she was assaulted in Laurel and thrown over a bridge.”

Meanwhile, in 2014, Indiana State Police Detective Sergeant Scott Jarvis was assigned to the case.

Jarvis found that  Richmond Police Department had a case of a deceased unidentified female in 1975. He obtained a search warrant and the body was exhumed from an unmarked grave for DNA analysis. Tammy miller’s DNA was also obtained for comparison. The DNA taken from Tammy was entered into a national database for missing people. But no match was found, reported

However, Jarvis did not give up and soon found another thread. He started investigating on trials of a woman, who had similarities with Lula Gillespie Miller. Further investigation led Jarvis to a woman living in Texas since the 1990s. Thus, a long lost mother has been found after a prolonged wait.

Lula agreed to share her contact information with her daughter and Tammy will contact her mother after 40 years.

Losing a family member is always a painful experience. However, if the joy of reuniting with a long lost family member is inexplicable.  Earlier this month  two missing teenage girls were found by New York police after 1 year.


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