“Incredibles 2” director Brad Bird teased that there will be “a big twist” on the upcoming sequel of Pixar blockbuster movie and fans have to wait for that.

When pressed about Jack-Jack and Edna Mode, Bird told IGN: “If you tell too much there’s no fun for the audience and if you don’t tell anything everyone gets mad and says ‘there better be a big twist!’ You’ll have to wait and see!”

Although the plot has been kept under wraps, speculations surrounding the movie have surfaced. There have been reports that teases Jack-Jack and Edna Mode will be the focus of the sequel.

Jack-Jack, the youngest of the Parr children, was still a baby in “The Incredibles”. He was initially thought of not having superhuman powers. However, it was soon revealed that he has super strength ability and laser superpowers.

There have been speculations that he might be one of the villains in the follow up.

Edna, who was known to be Parr family’s costume designer, has been also rumored to play a bigger role in the part two, probably even a villain.

Bird also explained that it took more than a decade to come up with “Incredibles 2” because he had lots of ideas that he wanted to include in the movie.

“I wanted to come up with sort of an over-arching idea that connected to the first film that went somewhere different,” Bird told Coming Soon.

The original “The Incredibles” was released in 2004.

Bird added that while he agrees with Steven Spielberg’s assessment that there are too many superhero movies today, he stressed about his views on movie characters.

“The powers themselves are not that interesting, it’s the people that are interesting and how they react to having those powers.”

“The Incredibles 2” is rumored to debut in November 2016.