‘Incredibles 2’ Movie Release Date & Plot: Jack Jack is New Villain?


It has been more than a decade since the Parr family revealed their superpowers in the big screen. This time, the “Incredibles” are back with more action-packed adventures. But how true is it that Jack Jack will be the new villain?

Going back to the first “Incredibles” movie 10 years ago, Jack Jack was just a baby. But viewers did not expect that the youngest of the family has a super strength ability and laser superpowers.

The rumors about him being a super villain for the sequel has not been confirmed so far, however, according to iO9, the second movie opens endless possibilities for its plot. Writer and director Brad Bird would either continue the story where it ended or simply do a time skip which will feature older members of the Parr clan.

The site also noted that this could be the first Pixar film that features humans as protagonists. Notably, main characters of “Toy Story,” “Cars,” “Finding Nemo,” “Wall- E” and “Monsters Inc.” were not humans.

Aside from the movie plot, nothing much has been revealed about its release date. Apart from its announcement during the recent Disney’s D23 Expo in Anaheim, the site believes that its theater launch will probably be in 2018.

The only thing confirmed, aside from Brad Bird’s return as the film writer, is the sequel poster which has been unveiled during the annual convention. Here are some of the snapshots courtesy of Superhero Feed’s Twitter account:

Let us just keep our eyes open for further updates regarding the Parr family and the much-awaited “Incredibles 2.”

In other news, Pixar’s success seems undeniable after the release of “Inside Out” on June 19. The latest film deserves an Oscar nomination for Best Picture, Best Director and Best Original Screenplay, Variety noted. The movie continues to hit the box office, gaining $344 million sales so far.

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