Since the success of the first movie, speculations are rife about the direction of “Incredibles 2.” However, the possibility of a family feud might not be at the top of everyone’s list.

The internet is abuzz with ideas about what happens next to the Parr family yet a particular theory has caught the attention of “Incredibles” fans, Chattsportsnet reported. Following the confirmation of its 2019 release and the lack of clues about its plot, Reddit user Professor_Wonder posited that Dash, the second child of Elastigirl and Mr. Incredible, would turn out to be a villain.

The theory is based on events from the first film wherein he pranked his teacher and had problems controlling his power, the publication noted. Thus, he could be easily be lured to the dark side by villains who want to get even with the Parrs, Professor_Wonder surmised.

Subsequent fan theories seem based on the discovery of Jack-Jack’s powers towards the end of the first film, Gabvine wrote earlier. Hence, a sibling rivalry could ensue between the Parr brothers should Jack-Jack turn to the dark side, Christian Today wrote.

Although reports point to Dash as the likely Parr to turn evil, the publication surmised that Jack-Jack’s young age could make him vulnerable. Either way, fan theories imagine an explosive encounter between the two brothers unless the brothers decide to team up to create a stronger evil force against their own family.

The transformation of either brother can only happen with the help of a main villain. The publication cited rumors that point to Syndrome’s return, even though many presumed he exploded with the aircraft at the end of the first movie. Others suggest “Incredibles 2” would introduce an entirely different villain.

The reported 10 to 11-year leap of the “Incredibles 2” would certainly lead to various adventures the superheroes could face. Nevertheless, director Brad Bird’s earlier hint about the sequel’s focus on characters and relationships would prove the Parrs can overcome any villain as a family.