device chargersLost that charger again for your cell phone or tablet PC? Loathe sorting heaps of cables to charge various apparatus?

Swedish retailer IKEA might only have the answer — furniture with built-in charging spots, including in bedside tables, lamps and desks.

This positions IKEA to take advantage of new wearable wireless technology. As more and more people look forward to the Apple’s smart watch and other examples of wearable wireless technology, the question turns to how those devices will be charged. As you probably already know, charging your smartphone or tablet by plugging it into a wall socket can be quite time-consuming and inconvenient. Wouldn’t it be nice to just simply set your wireless phone on the table and have it charged automatically?
The brand new furniture uses the Qi wireless charging standard, found in some Windows and Android mobiles, for instance, new Samsung Galaxy S6 anticipated to be launched soon.

Ikea said it’ll also supply special charging covers for iPhones and older Samsung Galaxies.

Some are dismissing this as a publicity stunt. As it stands, the whole idea of furniture passively recharging wireless devices seem more like a gimmick than anything else. Regardless, this announcement from IKEA should get market participants like furniture makers, accessory manufacturers, and others to think about mobile device recharging features.