Iggy Azalea Nick Young Wedding in Australia? Returns Home Next Month

Australian singer Iggy Azalea admits that a wedding in her home country did cross her mind but she has no plans to tie the knot in Australia.

The award-winning pop star is set to come home to Australia in August for the 100th anniversary of Bonds and admitted that she is taking fiancé, Nick Young, with her.

“I’m taking Nick so, I kind of get to kill two birds with one stone,” she told Cosmopolitan but said it is not practical for them to get married in Australia.

In the interview, Azalea said she and the NBA star might get married in Los Angeles instead of the Land Down Under.

“I’m not planning to get married in Australia, but it did cross my mind, but Nick has a much, much larger family, and my family is a list of about 9 people, his is maybe like 60. It makes more sense for me to fly my family to America … so we’re just going to stick to LA,” the “Fancy” singer revealed.

The couple got engaged last month.

Daily Telegraph said Azalea, who grew in Mullumbimby in northern NSW, plans to introduce the LA Lakers basketball star to her family, although the pair won’t make it to Mullumbimby.

“My entire family ­besides my mother live in Sydney so we are going to get to see everybody and have a nice meal with my grandma and I’m going to make Nick go to Luna Park and do all those kinds of things,” Daily Telegraph quoted the singer as saying.

Iggy is due to perform in Sydney next month for the 100th birthday celebrations of the famous Australian brand Bonds at Circular Quay on August 19, Cosmopolitan said.

This will be Azalea’s first visit to her home country since she supported Beyonce on her 2013 tour and her first since she ­became a global superstar.

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