Are the rumors about Iggy Azalea French Montana split true? There were also speculations that she is dating her surgeon, Dr. Ashkan Ghavami.

According to the latest buzz, the Australian rapper greeted him a Happy Birthday via Instagram. In return, the doctor spoke about her, but is it about their real status?

Not really, because Dr. Ghavami only revealed to People his effective way of doing the breast augmentation to the Fancy singer. The surgeon explained how he did the procedure without affecting Azalea’s work schedule.

As per the website, the singer did not want it to be too big. So, what he did was to make it more natural-looking and make it proportional to her tall physique.

“I do a flash recovery breast augmentation,” he said. “There’s no bleeding, no bruising. I don’t put drains in, I don’t wrap you tight. You can lift your arms right away, and all we give is Motrin. She was really excited about that aspect of it.”

The doctor also explained how he did her nose job. “The tip was very twisted and very wide and boxy, so I had to do a lot of tip shaping to narrow and refine her tip without it looking done,” Dr. Ghavami added.

Furthermore, the L.A.-based surgeon is happy about Azalea being open with her surgeries.

Meanwhile, it appears that the Iggy Azalea French Montana split is just plain rumor. The latter shared videos of him with the Aussie lady while they were having a fun trip to the Universal Studios weeks ago.

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The couple remains subtle about showing their relationship in social media. They did not confirm nor deny the news, but it is also widely known that they may be collaborating on a new musical material.

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