A New York City husband has been charged with manslaughter after police found that he killed his wife’s would-be rapist. Allegedly the husband beat the man to death. He was hailed by members of the Guinean community for the act.

According to authorities,  Mamadou Diallo, 61, was arrested after the incident on Monday but released on Tuesday. Police said that Mamdou’s wife Nenegale Diallo  had returned to her apartment at around 10:15 on Monday. Her sister was also present there. The assailant knocked on a number of apartments in the building asking for water. When he knocked at Nenegale’s door she thought it was her son and opened the door.

The alleged assailant, Earl Nash, 43, entered the apartment and approached the woman. He locked the door behind him and took off his pants. Frightened by the sudden happening Nenegale offered him money. But Nash said he did not want money and threatened to rape them. Both Nenegale and her sister struggled with the would-be rapist for around 20 minutes.

Nash then, ripped the 51-year-old woman’s clothes, reported Fox5. The offender smashed the victims’ head into a chair. Nenegale somehow managed to break free from  Nash and called her husband on her phone.

Mamadou, who was outside the building immediately headed back and entered their house to confront the assailant. He attacked Nash with a tire iron while the would-be rapist hit him with a leather belt, reported Mail Online.

The CCTV footage inside the Washington Avenue apartment captured Mamadou repeatedly beating Nash. Police found Nash unconscious. He had severe injuries in his head and body. He was rushed to Lincoln Hospital but did not survive the injuries.

Mamadou and Nenegale’s son said, “I was shocked, I was mad, I had many different emotions going through my mind.”

Mamadou, who is a cab driver by profession was arrested and charged with man slaughter but released on his own recognizance.

His neighbor Amadu Kamara said, “He seemed like a fine gentleman. He’s a hard-working person. You don’t see him getting into any kind of trouble.”

Nash, on the other hand, had been arrested 19 times  before and had a criminal background. Moreover, Neighbors told Fox5 that he was misbehaving with other women in the building too. He was released last year after serving a jail sentence for bribery and drug-related charges.