The death match between Chrollo and Hisoka has been widely speculated by the “Hunter X Hunter” fans.  Now the manga series has spoiled its viewers with some hints about the upcoming chapter 357.

So who do you think the winner is?

It has been revealed that the magician, Hisoka, is expected to lose the clash and might be biting the dust well after the intense battle. Chrollo, the expected victor, will then instruct the spiders to clear out the mess of the battle ground where Hisoka’s destroyed body is scattered, Movie News Guide  reports.

As it was portrayed earlier, Hisoka had been gravely wounded during the death match. However, his fans still hope that he would pull off a surprising victory and make a miraculous comeback.  Unfortunately, if reports are to be believed, nothing like this is happening in the upcoming chapter 357. Instead, rumors suggest Hisoka will be trying to reach out for help but to no avail.

As reported by The Bitbag, Hisoka will be on his last legs while human ashes fall before his eyes. He will lose his consciousness bit by bit and surrender to death. Before he closes his eyes, he will be hearing stumbling feet approaching him. The next chapter of the Japanese anime series will also be featuring manipulated humans who will catch the severely injured body of Hisoka.

How did Hisoka breathe his last? It has been communicated that the magician remains alive when he heard the feet moving toward him. Sadly, Chrollo knows that his antagonist is still breathing. Therefore, he will be unleashing lightning that will result to a lesion on the neck of Hisoka, which will lead to the magician’s death.

Upon securing that Hisoka is already lifeless, Chrollo will be writing down the magician’s name on a book as a sign that he killed him.

There are also rumors that it might be possible that Hisoka is still alive, as Chrollo will be first calling Shizu to tell of the death of the magician, without checking thoroughly whether Hisoka is lifeless or still alive. Chrollo even ignore Shizu’s command of cross checking things.

Stay tuned for “Hunter X Hunter” Chapter 357 to know the fate of Hisoka.