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Hungary: Migrants Breach ‘Border Barrier’


Hungarian authorities have caught thousands of migrants, breaching the border-barrier razor-fenced across the 110 mile with Serbia’s border.

In the last 20 days, around 1,200 asylum seekers have entered through the border by cutting the 4-feet high fences that Hungarian authorities placed last year.

The number of immigrants have increased almost four-fold more than before the fence was installed in last  September. Initially the move was successful, but later migrants disliked the move and caused controversies and riots against the authorities. Police had to use tear gas and water cannons to control the situation.

Authorities reported that they were intercepting 4500 migrants every day  along the border before installing the fences. Soon after its completion, it dropped to 15 per day.

Nevertheless, now the migrants are progressively attempting to enter the border, with some using wire cutters and others climbing the fences.

Most of the migrants breaching the borders came from Pakistan, Iran and Morocco. However they are not being allowed to cross borders legally, as they are not deemed to have migrant status.

Hungarian Interior Minister Sandor Pinter has put a stop to three railway crossings to Croatia, to restrict their intentions of breaching the border.

According to Express, it is rumoured that Hungary may build another fence-barrier along with their borders touching Romania.

Head of the Hungarian prime minister’s office, Jason Lazar said : “Migration will restart in the spring, possibly putting pressure on our borders.

“We have to prepare for that and for the building of a fence on the border with Romania.”

Last year, Europe welcomed more than one million refugees arriving from some war-torn countries in the Middle East. Most of them were routed to Greece Serbia and Hungary in northern Europe.

Now the migrant influx have raised several questions after EU reported several cases of murder and women assaults. Since then some countries have beefed up their security measures and are now limiting the migrants.

Yesterday, Macedonia closed its borders with Greece, allowing only Syrians and Iraqi refugees, but not Afghans.

Following refugee crisis, Austria has also increased its security measures with 1,450 soldiers to be deployed all over the country, as per a report by Daily Mail.

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