Brandon Stanton, the founder of “Humans of New York,” has slammed Donald Trump in an open letter. The letter was published on the “Humans of New York” official Facebook page. The page is followed by 17 million people, versus the number of Trump’s followers which stands at 6.4 million.

According to BBC News, Stanton confronted and questioned Trump. Using Trump’s own statements and political platforms as ammunition, Stanton tore down the Presidential runner.

“You are a man who has encouraged prejudice and violence in pursuit of personal power”, Concluded Stanton at the end of his letter.

Stanton focused on Trump’s themes of violence and prejudice to weigh him down. Stanton made references to Trump promoting violence and cultural segregation, inclining Trump is an off balanced and brutal racist.

Trump has spoken of “Muslims being shot with bullets dripped in pigs blood”, he has referred to refugees as “snakes”, and has encouraged the Western idea that “Islam hates us”. All included in Stanton’s open letter. Stanton maintains Trump is not a “unifier” and is by no means “presidential”.

Trump has yet to respond to the letter, others however have. Hilary Clinton shared the post with her 2 million followers.

According to the Sydney Morning Herald, the open letter received 637,000 shares and over 1.7 million likes. Social media platforms went into a frenzy, with fans and opposers of Trump weighing in. Twitter saw the letter being retweeted 30,000 times.

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Stanton credits his opinions on Trump and his policies through the acceleration of his “Humans of New York” page, as well as his journalist career. Stanton started photographing people of New York. Adding a witty caption and story he published them online. It was an immediate success. He now includes the portraits of people from all over the world, has published two books and has done extensive work in the Middle East. Stanton has worked with Muslim people and refugees in Iran and Iraq.

Stanton built his fame on developing portraits of people. With one post, he shares a person’s life and ideals with the world. Stanton’s published portrait of Trump may be his most famous yet.