Hugh Jackman Teaches Jimmy Fallon About Vegemite


Australian actor, singer and producer Hugh Jackman was a guest on “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” on Monday, May 18, 2015. He enlightened Fallon about the popular Aussie food paste Vegemite. Jackman taught Fallon how to eat it properly in order to fully enjoy its taste.

This Vegemite lesson came about after Fallon tried eating the dark brown spread with Charlize Theron and Steve Higgins in an episode of his NBC talk show on May 11, 2015. Fallon didn’t like the taste of Vegemite and Jackman sought to change his mind about it after watching it.

Jackman told Fallon that he didn’t eat Vegemite the right way that’s why he wasn’t able to appreciate it. Armed with a toaster, the “Wolverine” and “X-Men” star also brought out two pieces of white bread, butter, some knives and a jar of Vegemite. He explained to Fallon that first, he has to put a thin layer of butter on some toasted white bread. The butter needs to melt before a thin scrape of Vegemite is added on top of it.

Fallon took a bite of Jackman’s Vegemite concoction and he said that it tasted much better than the previous one he tried. He likened it to the taste of salt.

Jackman also came up with a few slogans about Vegemite. Check them out below:

  1. “Vegemite: Yeast extract. It gets you salivating.”
  2. “It is beautiful yeast extract direct from outback Australia.”

The brand Vegemite started in 1922 from Kraft Food Company, which was known as the Fred Walker Company at that time. They hired a chemist to make a spread derived from brewer’s yeast.

Australian food chemist Dr. Cyril P Callister developed Vegemite after several laboratory tests. Before getting its famous brand name, it used to be labeled as “Pure Vegetable Extract.”

Aside from Jackman, Janelle Monáe also appeared in Jimmy Fallon’s vegemite episode and she performed her song “Yoga” from the album “The Eephus EP.”

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Watch The Hugh Jackman Shows Jimmy How to Really Eat Vegemite Video Below:

CREDIT: YouTube/The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

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