Hugh Freeze was just as shocked when he learned that Laremy Tunsil took money from assistant athletic director John Miller during Ole Miss playing days.

Laremy Tunsil’s admission comes after somebody hacked his Twitter account and posted a video of him smoking a bong while his Instagram showed text messages Tunsil asking for help covering rent and utility bills from assistant coach John Miller, Campus Rush mentions.

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After these posts showed up just in time for the NFL drafts, Tunsil’s standing slid down to No. 13. He was eventually taken by Miami Dolphins.

Ole Miss Coach Hugh Freeze said on an SEC media teleconference Thursday he knew nothing about the incident and was just as shocked as everyone else.

“I’m not in the process of the fact-finding,” said Freeze. “I’ll be very quick to come out and defend us when it’s something that we know the facts on. I don’t at this present time. I know that our administration is working and I’m told they made a lot of progress, but they’re collecting everything to make sure they know exactly what the facts are before we run out and make any type of response.” USA Today reports.

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Even though Laremy Tunsil has already ceased playing for Ole Miss and has opted to give up his eligibility to play as an underclassman as reported by NFL, his former team will still have to face the repercussions of his actions.

SBNation reports NCAA is currently investigating Ole Miss for previous violations adding Laremy Tunsil’s admission to getting money another new case on top of the heap.

Hugh Freeze started coaching Ole Miss Rebels in 2011 and has since brought Ole Miss Rebels to the top of the rankings.