A device codenamed “Perfume” and unofficially dubbed as the HTC One M10 has been under the spotlight for many months now as rumours and speculations continue to rise. The tech giant needs to pull out a winning Android device out of its bag.  And if the rumors are to be believed, the upcoming flagship holds some promise.

The company has gone ahead and launched a teaser for what is believed to be its 2016 flagship. According to report on Digital Trends, the teaser image shows off “a chamfer on the back side.” As noted, this sits in well with the previous leak that Techtastic got its hands on. The leaked image also showed of chamfer on the rear panel. Furthermore, the teaser has the words “Power of 10” written across, probably hinting that the device may, well be called One M10. But that remains to be seen since earlier reports have indicated that the company could pick a different commercial name for its upcoming flagship.

Going back to the leaked image, it showed off an all-metal chassis with the antenna lines in place and the camera lens HTC style. Right next to the lens, fans can see a dual-LED flash with the laser autofocus below it. HTC loyalists may also recollect that popular leakster Evan Blass, has given us a lot to ponder over in the past few months with regards to the HTC One M10 device. He also had given fans the very first look of the handset. In the image the form factor appears to have been dipped in a shade of gold and boasted of curved sides, with the familiar antenna lines. The leaked image also shows off the big front-facing camera lens.

Speculations doing the rounds suggest that HTC One M10’s design will be quite similar to what has been seen on the One A9 handset. With the official teaser out, the launch dates will soon be revealed too. We will soon know for sure. Keep checking back for more updated on the HTC 2016 flagship.