HTC 10 vs Huawei P9 — which smartphone is the better choice?

Taiwanese tech giant HTC is set to unveil its flagship smartphone next week. Could HTC 10 really be the company’s answer to Huawei’s recently released P9? Pocket Lint seems to think so. According to the tech blog, HTC’s current marketing strategy is particularly telling. Their ads and teasers reportedly seem to indicate that they are trying to position the HTC 10 against Huawei’s flagship device.

The Taipei-based company earlier posted a short clip that focused on their phone’s camera specs. “We’re obsessed with providing you with the best ever smartphone for shooting photos and videos,” HTC promised in the ad. This could be seen a sort of shout out to Huawei, Pocket Lint suggested because the “most talked about” feature of the P9 is its camera. Should consumers expect a “major face off” between these two smartphones?

Huawei earlier partnered with German optics manufacturer Leica to create P9’s camera. HTC’s specs for their latest model have yet to be released However, according to Phandroid, HTC 10 might just have a front facing camera with OIS. If this is true, it will reportedly be the first phone to have that technology.

Pocket Lint meanwhile speculates that HTC’s new phone will have a 12-megapixel sensor with 1.55µm pixels. It is also rumoured to have laser auto focus, similar to P9. And, like most phones these days, HTC 10 might also have optical image stabilisation and 4K video shooting capacity.

HTC 10 vs Huawei P9 – which smartphone will reign supreme? Which one would prove to be the “best ever” for shooting videos and photos? Consumers have to wait until the HTC 10 officially comes out to find out.

HTC will have a global launch for their newest smartphone on April 12 . Huawei meanwhile released their flagship, P9 earlier this week.