HTC 10 for Verizon LTE: Steps, Prerequisites & Complete Details Here

HTC 10

HTC 10 arrived amidst much fanfare and many loyalists have been early waiting to get their hands on this one.

While Verizon, Sprint, and T-Mobile customers can order the device, AT&T won’t be carrying the HTC 10. And as shared by folks at Droid Life, they have given putting in an active Verizon SIM into an unlocked HTC 10 variant a shot. Naturally, the two didn’t work together but they definitely found a way around it. As noted by the site, “with S-OFF and root achieved for the HTC 10, the good folks at XDA have released a fix for this issue, meaning anyone with an unlocked HTC device can now get their device working on Verizon.”

As many may have got an idea by now that the S-OFF and root of the personal HTC handset will be required in order to start the process. It is noteworthy that taking such actions or attempting to do something like this could result in the HTC 10 behaving unusually. But if you dare, you could head to XDA for instructions to get the unlocked HTC device to work with an active Verizon SIM. As shared by Droid Life, “At this time, advanced calling features are not yet available, but according to the team behind this, they can later be added once available for the device.”

For anyone wanting to snag the unlocked variant of the HTC smartphone, the device is currently up on the company’s official website. Buyers can choose between shades of silver or gray and get hold of their pick. The pricing for the unlocked version on the site reads out to be $700. The unlocked version of the much-talked about HTC 10 comes with “Uh-Oh Protection.” This would mean that the HTC smartphone is covered for the first twelve months from purchase, in cases of cracked screen or other damages.

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