Just as how the show always has big revelations, the How To Get Away With Murder Season 3 premiere shocked the fans with another dead body. However, while finding the mysterious dead person, Laurel has to reunite with her father, who’s definitely going to be present in the season.

The appearance of Laurel’s father has already been seen in the flashback sequence, but it seems that he is to have a significant role in Laurel’s life in the present day. According to TV Line, in the sneak peak for the next episode, Laurel gave a visit to his father and he wasn’t surprised. In fact, he knew exactly why she came.


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Fans might notice that the father of Laurel seems a little different from how he looked back in Season 1. It’s because the show has re-cast the role for her father.

It was actor Jose Zúñiga who played the father of Laurel back in Season 1. Actor Esai Morales has taken over the role as Laurel’s father this season.

The reason why Laurel came to his father was because Annalise advised her to do so to know where Frank is hiding. What does it have to do with Laurel’s father? That is for the fans to find out. It just speaks how the man is powerful and in no doubt involved with plenty of secrets.

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In an article by Bustle, Laurel’s father is originally from Mexico, but for an unknown reason, he is not allowed to go back there yet. Laurel would also describe her father as ‘not a good man’. It may seem that her father is also a potential criminal.

Everything is still a blur with the brand-new season, but fans have a lot to expect, with shocking revelations that they should not miss.

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