How Suicide Bombers Die: French TV Airs ‘Violence of Things’ [WATCH]

French TV

French TV has aired a video taken from inside the Paris restaurant where the Islamic State terrorist Brahim  Abdeslam blew himself up on November 13. It was taken on the night of the Paris attacks when 130 people were killed in varying places by suicide bombers.

The video footage aired on French TV shows Abdeslam detonating his suicide belt in the Comptoir Voltaire Café. He is wearing a black coat. He seems to walk towards an empty table, but suddenly he stops, bows his head, raises his left hand towards his face and detonates a hidden suicide belt. Abdeslam’s limbs are ripped off from his torso after a puff of smoke gushes out.

He was instantly killed but the people who were sitting around him in the restaurant miraculously escaped without any severe injuries. The faces of the people around Abdeslam are blurred in the video.

The forensic officers said that very little of Abdeslam’s body was left and they had to use a small portion of his finger to identify his body, as reported by

Although the video is very disturbing, The M6 channel in France has aired it to “show the violence of things,” informed the director of the televised report Christian Huleu.

According to BBC, Huleu defended the use of images, which are most realistic as well as unnerving. The video was part of a 90 minutes film aired on the channel during a current affair programme Zone Interdite (Forbidden Zone).

Huleu said, “In order to make people see the true extent of the violence, you have to show it.”

He noted, “”I had to find a balance between the violence of what happened and the respect due to both the victims and the TV viewers.”

The film also used eyewitness interviews and amateur and surveillance videos to give a more  detailed account of what happened on November 13.

The film was released to the French media with a warning that it was not suitable for young children. Two million people watched the programme. It also appeared on several news channels and social media sites.

Notably, Brahim Abdeslam is the brother of Paris attack suspect Salah Abdeslam who was arrested in Brussels last month.

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