Eleven years have passed since How I Met Your Mother turned into everyone’s favorite show. The world was introduced to the iconic five, namely Ted, Robin, Barney, Marshall and Lily. Its season finale aired in 2014 and rumors have been flying that the well-loved series might return to the screen in another form, a spin-off series.

In an interview with Wet Paint, actress Alysson Hannigan who plays Lily in the show teased that there’s a chance that she might work with husband Jason Segel, who plays Marshall.

“In the last season [of HIMYM], I was like, ‘We need to do a Marshall-Lily spin-off,’” she recalls telling Jason. “He said 10 years … and then we can come back,” Hannigan said in the interview.

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Hannigan also shares that she loves working with Segel, and they may work on another sitcom. It will be called Out By Lunch since she and Segel work so fast that they still have most of the day because they’re already done by lunch.

 “It wasn’t even really about Marshall and Lily — he and I just love working together. So we said we’d do another sitcom,” she added.

According to the report of Chatt Sports Net, aside from the spin-off rumors with Marshall –Lily, CBS was planning to work on another concept for a How I Met Your Mother spin-off back in 2014. This one was planned to be titled, How I Met Your Dad.

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However, the series’ executive producer Carter Bays confirmed on Twitter that the project has been shelved. “Really, truly not working on ‘How I Met Your Dad’ anymore,” he posted on the social media account.

At HIMYM’s last cast appearance on Comic-Con, Bays dedicated the final season to the avid fans by saying, “This season is for you guys, this is our goodbye to you guys and our appreciation to you.”

Despite the disappointment that there will be no more HIMYM seasons, Fans may still be hopeful for a Marshall-Lily spin-off.