Hoverboards were in huge demand this Christmas, with parents and youngsters alike getting their favorite colored ones during the year-end. But will it record theft and burglary when you’re not at home? Will it answer your door for you? Probably not.

While purchasing a Hoverboard didn’t go quite well for Russel Crowe, the transporter received a major overhaul as seen at the Intel’s CES 2016 keynote. Engadget, who covered it live, shares details about the technology.

The “Personal Transporter” is a hoverboard that can talk to you and give you a wink now and then. Basically, it will be your personal robot. Created in partnership with Xiaomi portfolio company NineBot and Segway, this robot might do whatever you want it to do once it is programmed fully.

The Hoverboard Butler can take videos of people entering your house, like when you have gone on to catch a movie. It can run around to get something for you without knocking over the lamps in the house. It will stream videos for you and has Real Sense technology that recognizes the person by his/her face. It can also make cute facial expressions with its front display.

Halfway through the demo, the creator of the robot connected arms to it, to which the Hoverbutler replied, “Are those my arms? Awesome!”

The makers of this robot will make this an open platform after the start of the second half of the year. It looks like developers could assemble and make the robot do pretty much anything they want.

The Verge has put up a video of what the robot can do and what we see is pretty impressive.

Function of the Hoverboard Butler takes a major boost in security management.

According to The Verge, Segway plans to make this robot commercially available somewhere in the second half of the year.