“House Rules” returns for another season on Aussie TV Screens. “House Rules” has six teams redoing each other’s homes while getting scored or eliminated. The winning team will have its entire mortgage paid off.

Yesterday’s premiere saw Melbourne couple Fil and Joe handing over their home keys to other teams. Five teams are tasked with renovating the house for the couple. The episode quickly upped the drama quotient as battle lines were drawn between Australian Navy logistics officer Rob and Adelaide dad Brooke. All this over a linen closet!

Apparently, Brooke wanted to have the closet in the entrance way and Rob thought it was ridiculous, states The West Australian. “I really thought a linen cupboard right by the entrance was the wrong place to do it. It was a long way from the bathroom, it was a long way from the other bedrooms,” said Rob. “To me, the logic of a linen cupboard by the entrance was the problem, it wasn’t about fighting for our zone. We were fighting for the house,” he added.

The show is hosted by Johanna Griggs. It has six teams from across Australia facing a common problem. The teams have tiny homes, big families and a mortgage, reveals Sydney Morning Herald. Other teams include Rose and Rob from Western Australia and Brooke and Michelle from South Australia.

Then there is Queensland team of Luke and Cody, NSW-based Nancy and Daniel, as well as Claire and Hagan from Victoria. These are assisted by interior designer Carolyn Burns McCrave.

Judges include architect and designer Joe Snell and Wendy Moore, who is the editor of Home Beautiful magazine.
“House Rules” is yet another reality show by Channel Seven. Channel Seven got a ratings high with “My Kitchen Rules.” It is only a matter of time now to see if “House Rules” follows it up with a similar performance.