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‘Hot Car Dad’ Planned Child’s Murder with Mom? Divorced Couple Got Rid of Son to Date Again

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Toddler Cooper Harris murder case has taken a new turn as the investigation is indicating that both mother and father of the child planned his murder. Allegedly, the father, who is now known as hot car dad, left the child intentionally in the car. It seems they wanted to get rid of their son to pursue their own love interests.

Justine Ross Harris, the hot car dad, faces multiple charges not just the murder of 22-month-old Cooper in an unventilated SUV.

The hot car dad told police that he forgot to drop his son at day care and later found the boy dead inside the car after seven hours.  But prosecutors cited that it was not an accident but a pre-planned murder. The alleged murder took place on June 18, 2014.

The father has been charged with 8 different cases and 2 of them related to the dissemination of pornography against minors, reported

Harris was also texting lewd messages to women hours before his son’s death.The investigators also added that Harris was sexting multiple sexual partners while the child was dying inside the car.

During the police investigation, Harris admitted that he had searched “child deaths inside vehicles and what temperature it needs to be.” Police also found that Cooper’s mother was also searching information on child deaths in a car but she was not charged since there was no evidence indicating her participation in the plot.

An investigator testified at a hearing last October that on the day of the murder Harris wrote to a woman “I love my son and all, but we both need escapes.”

The potential jurors, on the other hand, were given a 17-page questionnaire to fill out, reported Yahoo7. The questions include how much they know about the case and those involved in it and whether they themselves ever left a child in a car. It is estimated the 12-member jury and a number of alternates will be selected in two weeks.

The three potential juror questioned by lawyers said that they had seen media coverage on the case and thought that Harris is guilty.

Defence attorney, however, said that Harris is a loving father.  The accident happened because he forgot to drive to the daycare and went to his office instead. The defence also alleged that the prosecutors were trying to bias the jury against their client because of his moral failings in his marriage.

Recently, a senior police constable was charged with murder of his 2-month-old son in Queensland.

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