Summer Bay will witness a lot of drama this month. For starters, we know that Charlotte is dead and the residents are being questioned about her death. Meanwhile Ricky makes a decision to tell Nate that Brax is alive and detective Dylan Carter comes back into Kat’s life. TV Week reports that it will also be revealed that Kat and Dylan had a past, and Dylan will confess that he wasn’t good to Kat when they were together.

Through the investigation, the team of Kat and Dylan uncovered some damning DNA evidence linking Irene Roberts to Charlotte’s murder. Digital Spy reveals that this character would be wrongly arrested for the murder. Irene had served an eviction notice to Charlotte, following her affair with Matt. Charlotte did not take well, states TV Week, thereby resulting in an argument between the two and a possible motive for murder. Later, Irene was seen stumbling down the road with a torn jacket.

The week will further delve into Irene’s past, when it is revealed that Irene hit the bottle after suffering from abuse at the age of 14. She narrates her story and explains that her baby too taken away from her. Will this story make everyone else sympathetic towards her? Will Irene go off the hook? Or will she be charged with Charlotte’s murder?

The Home and Away Australian Spoilers Page on Facebook reveals that Ash too will be interrogated later as a murder suspect. Josh will discover that Evie and Andy kissed.

Hunter will return to Summer Bay according to the Home and Away Australian Spoilers Page, only to find out that his mother is killed. While he is grieving, he is also hiding someone from Olivia. Is that Maddy? RadioTimes noted that Oscar asks Maddy to keep Mattʼs feelings a secret. Is it because Matt and Maddy are moving too fast?