Quite a handful of characters have already left Summer Bay this year. But will there be more goodbyes said before this installment of “Home and Away” is over? Will Andy Barrett really be the next to go?

Andy’s future on the Bay has always been a little uncertain. Tai Hara, the actor who plays Andy, has previously announced that he will quit the series soon. Fans have been wondering how the show’s producers will write the actor’s exit into the story. But according to the Digital Spy, viewers need not wonder about it any longer. The show has reportedly already begun setting up Andy’s doom.

According to the news site, fans could expect Andy to end up on a “slippery slope to even more jail time.” Andy already faces charges over the recent explosion he accidentally caused. He only got out of prison on bail. He can’t afford to get into any more trouble. However, trouble might just be the thing he is after when he reconnects with an old “criminal pal.” This “friend” will reportedly involve Andy in a “dodgy” scheme. And, if Digital Spy is proven correct, they will be caught in the act by Justin Morgan.

In a separate report, Digital Spy earlier confirmed that Hara is leaving the series on a high note. “My time on [‘Home and Away’] has been a once in a lifetime experience that I’ll never forget… I can’t wait for what’s to come!” he was quoted as saying.

Hara reportedly has good reason to be excited for “what’s to come.” Seven Network, who produces the long-running soap, suggests that the actor is headed to California. “We say goodbye to…Tai Hara as he is taking the Summer Bay sun with him all the way to Venice Beach,” the network wrote on Twitter.

Hara has been part of “Home and Away” since 2013.