“Home and Away” has been slammed over the mistake on Maddy Osborne’s amputated arm which appeared to switch from right to left, but Channel 7 has an explanation for it.

It can be recalled that Maddy, played by Kassandra Clementi, lost her limb during a caravan park explosion when she was trapped in the wreckage. The episode has been aired in Australia few weeks ago but yet to air in the UK.

Maddy was seen struggling with her disability and “Home and Away” viewers also accused the character of being confused over which of her arm is actually missing. In the recent episode, Maddy was seen seating on a bed and huge gaffe did not go unnoticed by the viewers of the long-running Aussie soap, Express reported.

One viewer twitted: “Get your act together Home and Away…..which arm is it?.”

Some viewers also took to Twitter to mock the alleged gaffe. Split images were posted Channel 7 social media sites that further fuel speculations that it was a real mistake, Standard wrote.

Australia’s Media Watch also accused “Home and Away” on Twitter of a continuity error with Maddy’s arm.

Channel 7 explained that the scene which Maddy was showed on her bed feeling depress of her infection wound. There is a mirror in her bedroom, which is where the confusion arose. According to the network, the mirror can be missed in the blink of an eye. Hence, they decided to have the clip available for fans to watch again in order to remove doubts.

Channel 7 wrote on Twitter: “On Home and Away last night, Maddy was looking in the mirror so it appeared her bandaged arm was on the other side.  Thanks for noticing, we love that you are paying attention. #reflection.”

The incident comes days after “EastEnders” was slammed over an apparent mobile phone error. According to Standard, Letitia Dean’s character Sharon Mitchell was seen making a phone call to Grant Mitchell (Ross Kemp) but appeared to press the Notepad application to make the call.

“Home and Away” airs weekdays at 1.15pm and 6pm on Channel 5. Maddy’s controversial episode is set to air in the UK in about five weeks.