A handful of Home and Away spoilers have already appeared online ahead of the show’s next few episodes. Among them is a spoiler involving one of Summer Bay’s fan favourite couples. Are Ricky and Nate about to break up?

According to Back to the Bay, things are not looking too good for the couple in upcoming episodes. “The honeymoon…[would] be over too soon for Ricky and Nate,” Back to the Bay reported.  The entertainment news site speculates that Nate will soon reach his limit over “Ricky’s lack of commitment.” And the tension between them would only simmer. Will this cause them to finally break up? Fans will know soon enough. Nate will reportedly reach his “breaking point” in the show’s April 28th episode.

Meanwhile, Kat and Ash will soon find it more difficult to deny their attraction for each other after they kiss. Could these Home and Away spoilers be proven true? Fans would just have to wait for the show’s next few episodes to find out.

Meanwhile, according to Mail Online, Bonnie Sveen, who plays Ricky on the show, revealed she was about to leave Summer Bay. “I have left now. But I’ve been very mixed, very sad to leave the family…It’s an incredible crew and cast,” she said.

But the actress reportedly does not regret her decision to leave “Home and Away.” Sveen will be joining a new series Down Under soon. “I’m very fortunate and excited to be part of a new Seven production, The Secret Daughter’…I’m going to be playing Layla…Jess Mauboy’s character’s best friend,” she said. Sveen has been playing Ricky on the show since April 2013. The actress would not be the first to leave “Home and Away” to move on to bigger projects. Chris Hemsworth and Isla Fisher were previously both part of the show.