Kat Chapman’s service in the police force will be questioned in the upcoming episodes of Home and Away 2016.

Kat, played by Pia Miller, will hand over her badge after his boyfriend Ash Ashford got involved in some illegal car activities. Last week, Kat served a search warrant at Ash’s garage and found some evidence of illegal car reconstruction.

Officer Chapman is firm in her decision to stay away from Ash but she can’t escape her association with him. Is Kat going to leave Summer Bay to be leave Ash for good?

There have been rumors that Miller is leaving the Aussie soap allegedly because her co-stars can’t stand her due to her diva attitude. Miller has already denied that there has been tension at the set of Home and Away. She stressed that she and her fellow cast members just laughed off the rumors about her acting like a diva.

Several of Miller’s co-stars have also defended her. Ada Nicodemou, who portrays Leah Patterson-Baker, said those rumors are completely baseless. A spokesperson from Network Seven also defended the Chilean Born model/actress, saying that her recent Logie nomination in the best new talent category is a proof of her popularity.

This means we will see more of Kat Chapman in Home and Away 2016 and Miller is definitely staying in the show.

Miller was first discovered in a modelling competition when she was just 14-years-old in 1998. She won Search For A Supermodel season two in 2011. Miller appeared in several television shows before she joined the cast of Home and Away. Pia Miller had her onscreen debut as Kat Chapman in Home And Away in January 2015.

Home and Away 2016 airs Monday to Thursday at 7pm on Network Seven in Australia.

The show will take a two week break after its August 3 episode. Home and Away will return on August 22, Back to the Bay wrote.