“Home and Away” returns with brand new episodes this week. And a familiar face is set to return to Summer Bay. Who could it be? Will he help uncover Dr. Nate Cooper’s secret? What is Nate’s secret anyway?

According to The Daily Telegraph, Nate does not really have a secret to uncover even in the next few episodes. But Kyle Pryor, the actor who plays Nate, might just have revealed a secret talent on Instagram. He posted a clip on his account with the caption: “Certified Cat Whisperer.” The video showed the actor trying to pat a cat. He even used a cat emoji in his caption.

Meanwhile, an old “Home and Away” character is set to come back to Summer Bay. According to Back to the Bay, Duncan Stewart will return. But he will be played by another, much older actor. New Zealand actor Benedict Wall will be taking on the role. Wall previously worked on the series, “Underbelly: Badness.”

Duncan has previously been played by two other actors. The character first made an appearance in 1990. He was first played by Lewis Devaney. Devaney played Duncan until late 1998. The character then fell victim to the Soap Opera Rapid Aging Syndrome. Another actor, Brendan McKensy was cast in the role in 1998.

Duncan is the son of Alf and Ailsa Stewart. According to Back to the Bay, his return “has been heavily pushed by long-term fans.” The character last made an appearance on the show for Alf’s 60th birthday in 2005. His dad  disowned him a year before. But they later reconciled off-screen. Alf even attended Duncan’s off-screen wedding in 2009.

Back to the Bay pointed out that Duncan’s return might be more meaningful than fans realize. This would be the first time that Alf, Duncan, and his sister Roo would share the screen in 27 years.