In “Home and Away,” Ash is off the hook for now as fingers point towards Kyle—the third suspect to be questioned in connection to Charlotte’s murder. In the episode that will be aired tomorrow in Australia, Back to the bay reveals that Kat will finally prove Ash’s innocence.

Kat will discover evidence that will reveal that Charlotte had another sim card. Digital Spy elaborates that the detective will find out that Kyle called her on it half an hour before her suspicious death. It is known that Kyle and Charlotte had briefly dated each other, but the former was trying to distance himself from the woman.

According to the Home And Away Australian Spoilers Facebook page, the episode will also reveal that Andy and Hannah can’t deny their feelings any longer. Despite the connection, they will end their romantic liaison in the later episodes.

That is not all. In one of the later episodes, Evie will have a health scare, leaks Digital Spy. The teenager will discover a lump in her breast and will have to go through a long wait till she finally gets the results. The show tells us that Evie’s mother lost her life to breast cancer when she was younger and as a result the teenager fears that she too might have the cancer.

Philippa Northeast plays the character of Evie. “Evie immediately jumps to the conclusion it must be cancer. These fears stem from the fact that Evie lost her mother to cancer. It brings back traumatic memories,” she said, reveals Digital Spy.

Things will take a serious turn when Aunt Hannah makes up her mind to test herself for the BRCA gene, while the entire family is rallying around Evie. Later on, Hannah’s boyfriend Chris finds Hannah unconscious on the pavement and rushes her to the hospital.