Another Braxton has been rumored to be leaving “Home and Away.”

According to Back To The Bay, Nic Westaway, who played Kyle Braxton, could be leave the show.  Back To The Bay noted that Nic has not posted any photos from Palm Beach on his Instagram, which prompted speculations that he is about the leave the show.

The rumour is further fueled by a picture of a commemorative photo collage that has spread on social media. According to Back To The Bay,  such collage is traditionally given to departing cast members.

Although the origin of the photo is unknown, the plaque reads: “Nic Westaway as Kyle Braxton / Episodes 5578-6408 / Home and Away / Seven Network Operations“. The collage also appeared to contain an image of Nic alongside Samantha Jade, in a scene that has yet to air.

It was earlier reported that Bonnie Sveen, who played Ricky Sharpe, is leaving the show.  The Daily Mail cited Woman’s Day claimed that the actress will be axed from the show and her character will be killed off in a massacre storyline.

Bonnie did not confirm the reports but said there would be some changes in the show next year.

“It’s going to be a big shake-up because quite a few people are leaving. I think it will give the show a much needed revamp – it’s what the future needs,” the magazine quoted the actress saying.

“That’s why Home And Away is so successful, because it continues to adapt – when one season ends, a new one begins with a new flavor,” Bonnie added.

Aside from Sveen, Woman’s Day reported that several other characters in the Seven Network soap will be killed off. Although “Home and Away” script executive Dan Bennett already denied the reports.

If rumors are true, Nic’s final scenes as Kyle Braxton would air on Wednesday, 20th April 2016.

Westaway’s character was also featured in “Home and Away” spinoff, titled “An Eye for an Eye,” which was aired last month on Presto.

“Home and Away” resumes on February 1, 2016.