‘Home and Away’ 2015: Who will Die? Evie Josh Break Up, Kyle Ricky Start Dating

Home and Away

A blooming romance between Kyle Braxton and Ricky Sharpe awaits fans of “Home and Away.”

According to DigitalSpy, the two are getting closer since the presumed death of Brax, and Ricky (Bonnie Sveen) continues to support Kyle (Nic Westaway) as he struggle through his personal problems.

Fans will see Kyle dealing with another tragedy when his former girlfriend Phoebe Nicholson loses their unborn twins because of complications in her pregnancy.

Kyle will find comfort with Ricky and her son, Casey. He will develop feelings for Ricky and will later ask her about her relationship with Nate (Kyle Pryor), DigitalSpy wrote.

DigitalSpy quoted TV Week’s interview with Westaway in which he explained: “It’s a dark time for Kyle because he has lost his brothers and the love of his life in Phoebe, who he once proposed to. He had a glimmer of hope where he thought he would be a father and he has lost that as well. Out of the dark place he has found himself in, Kyle has found something solid.

“For him, that is Ricky and baby Casey. The only way he can deal with what he has been through is to focus on a future with them. He feels like a father figure,” Westaway told TV Week.

Ricky and Nate recently decided to go their separate ways after he chose to focus on his future with Kat Chapman (Pia Miller), following a one-night-stand with Ricky.

Elsewhere in Summer Bay, Evie (Philippa Northeast) will find out that Josh (Jackson Gallegher) has been taking drugs again and decides to break up with him, Radiotimes wrote.

Kat will track Damo’s drug supply. Damo will threaten Josh that he may go to prison since he has priors.

Kat will try to talk Damo down, but he will be in rage upon hearing the sound of a siren. He and Josh reach for Katʼs gun and a gunshot will be heard. Someone’s life will be in danger in the upcoming episode of the Aussie soap.

Meanwhile, Maddy and Oscar try to cheer up Evie after she broke up with Josh.

“Home and Away” airs weekdays at 7pm on Network Seven in Australia.

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