‘Home and Away’ 2015 Spoilers: Shocking Car Accident Leaves Two Seriously Injured

It will be tragic for Summer Bay at “Home and Away” next week.

Leah Patterson-Baker and Evie MacGuire will get involved in a car accident that will leave them both seriously injured.

According to DigitalSpy, the accident will occur after Leah’s car is tampered with. She will also find out that her fiancé, Zac, has a teenage son, Hunter, played by Scott Lee.

Hunter will be furious when he discovers documents of a paternity test and realizes that someone has doubts about his biological connection to Zac, the site added.

Hunter’s mother, Summer Bay High teacher Charlotte, tells him that it was Leah who is behind the paternity test idea. He will furiously confront Leah, but will stop and take a look at her car instead.

Heading out on a shopping trip with Evie, Leah wonders why his car door was open. After deciding to go on with the planned trip with Evie, Leah discovers that her brakes are not working. Unable to control the car, Leah and Evie fear for their lives when the car swerves off the road and towards a tree.

Find out next week if they will survive the crash.

These scenes will be aired next week on “Home and Away” on Seven and in the autumn on Channel 5.

Meanwhile, a new romance is brewing for Summer Bay’s character Irene Roberts, played by Lynne McGranger.

Irene goes on a date with new school headmaster, Greg Snelgrove, after some encouragement from Marilyn, reported.

Their date turned out to be a double date when they were joined by Marilyn and John. But the evening starts to go wrong when Greg disagrees over John’s treatment of Josh Barrett, DigitalSpy noted.

The new school principal recently expelled Josh after finding out he had been taking drugs. John believes Greg was too harsh in severely punishing Josh.

Irene takes Greg’s side and the two soon realize they share the same interest in fish tanks, wrote.

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