Phoebe Nicholson will be torn between two men on Tuesday’s episode of “Home and Away.”

DigitalSpy reported Phoebe (Isabella Giovinazzo) will decide to rekindle her relationship with Kyle Braxton (Nic Westaway) after she shares a heated moment with Ash (George Mason).

Kyle tells Phoebe that he wants to give their relationship another chance. But her decision will be clouded after she bumped into Ash.

Phoebe will confess to Ash about her reservations on settling down. The pair will then admitted that they both just want to enjoy themselves and subsequently decide to go skinny-dipping. This eventually led them to falling on top of each other where they very nearly share a kiss.

The following day, Phoebe brushed off the incident involving Ash and agreed to Kyle’s offer of reconciliation. Kyle is pleased with her decision and invited Phoebe to move back in with him.

Ash on the other hand will be disappointed and question Phoebe’s sudden decision.

Meanwhile, former Miss Universe Australia Tegan Martin confirmed to Daily Mail that she has filmed several scenes for “Home and Away.”

The 22-year-old beauty will play as Ivana, the ex-girlfriend of Johnny Ruffo’s character Chris Harrington, Daily Mail said. She will appear on the August 13 episode of the show.

“Working on the set of ‘Home And Away’ was quite surreal for me,” Tegan told Daily Mail.

Tegan also confirmed that there will be no intimate scenes between Ivana and Chris in the hit drama show.

The former beauty queen will be joining the other beauties of Summer Bay such as Giovinazzo, Bonnie Sveen, Pia Miller, and Jessica Grace Smith.

She also told the Daily Mail she is not keen on moving to Hollywood like Margot Robbie, former star of “Neighbours.”

She said, “I don’t think I would want to move to Hollywood and be the next Margot Robbie. But I wouldn’t say no.”

“Home and Away” airs on Channel Seven.