‘Home and Away’ 2015 Spoilers: New Bad Girl Revealed as Leah’s House Catch Fire

Pop singer Samantha Jade will play the new bad girl in town on “Home and Away.”

Jade will be portraying the role of bad girl Isla in the drama series, but the pop princess assured that her character is nothing like herself, The West Australian reported.

“It is such a great role because it is nothing like myself and it is nothing like the Kylie [Minogue] role that I played,” she said.

Jade portrayed Minogue in the INXS telemovie last year.

“It is really different for me and really exciting. I can’t say too much but my character comes to the Bay with some bad intentions and she is a bit of a bad girl with a dark past, which is definitely acting for me,” the singe revealed. 

Jade refused to disclose the specifics of her role but hinted that Isla will also fall in love with one of the favorite characters in “Home and Away.”

She added that viewers will also see her character in a bikini, the Daily Telegraph wrote.

The “Firestarter” singer is set to start filming next week, but according to the Daily Telegraph, her scenes will not premiere on the soap until early next year.

Jade won the 2012 season of “The X Factor Australia” and is set to release a new album in October.

Meanwhile, Leah’s house will be on fire on this week’s “Home and Away.”

DigitalSpy wrote Leah, Zac, Evie, and VJ will find Leah’s house engulfed with fire.

Maddy arrives on the scene and tells the group that she was just about to meet Matt and Oscar at Leah’s house for a study session. Zac runs into the burning house while Leah screams to stop him.

Elsewhere, Charlotte is upset that Matt has her sexy photos. She tells Andy that Matt is threatening to use the photos against her.

Andy offers to see Matt. After some convincing, Matt agrees to delete the photos, Digital Spy reported.

However, when Charlotte sees Matt at the pier the next day, Matt admits that he still has copies of the photos. 

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