‘Home and Away’ 2015 Spoilers: Denny & Ash Back Together; Maddy & Oscar Take Relationship to Next Level

It will be romance all over again next week on “Home and Away” after the fatal death of Brax.

Denny and Ash will be back in each other’s arms and will agree to keep a relationship with no commitment. But on Wednesday, Ash locks himself and Phoebe in a storeroom. Later on, they will open a bottle of wine and talk about each other, Radio Times wrote.

They almost share a kiss but are interrupted when Kyle arrives and rescues them, DigitalSpy reported. Later, Phoebe asks Ash to meet her. She tells him that she wants to be faithful to Kyle. They agreed to go back to how they were before.

Also next week, Denny will discover that Brax is still alive, DigitalSpy wrote. Brax was believed to have died in a car crash after he tried to escape from prison.

Still devastated from Brax’s death, Denny comforts Ricky and encourage her to prepare a special memorial for him. But while clearing out Ricky’s house, Denny finds a note addressed to Ricky, revealing the true story behind Brax death, DigitalSpy added.

Will she tell Ricky the truth? Find out next week on “Home and Away.”

Elsewhere in Summer Bay, Maddy and Oscar is seriously discussing taking their relationship to the next level after an awkward find in his wallet.

Kat is disturbed by Billieʼs crush on Nate. As she attempts to discredit Nate’s relationship to Billie, it also threatens to affect her promotion at work.

John and Marilyn decide to leave Summer Bay to move with Jett.

Matt sleeps with the new biology teacher, Charlotte. He will later find out that she is not only the new teacher but also Zacʼs ex.

On Friday (Aug. 21), Charlotte sneaks on Zac’s back and takes a mysterious phone call from someone who is asking questions about Zac.

All of these scenes airs on “Home and Away” next week on Seven in Australia and in the autumn on Channel 5 in the UK.

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