‘Home and Away’ 2015 Spoilers: Ash & Nate Fight; Bonnie Get Steamy with Doctor

Emotions will pour on two more episodes of “Home and Away” this week.

A little refresher, last night’s episode showed Billie assaulted Nate at the gym. But when Chris arrived, Billie turned the situation around and accused Nate of attacking her.

You shouldn’t miss tonight’s episode of “Home and Away” as Ash will confront Nate for “attacking” Billie and they will almost come to blows, reported.

Kat will defend Nate and will insist he is innocent and will later argue with Ash. But as Kat is convinced that Nate did not assault Billie, new evidence unfavorable to Nate will emerge.

Elsewhere in Summer Bay, Ricky is distant and reluctant to spend time alone with Casey. Marilyn and John, who feel lost after Jett left, will look after Casey, wrote.

Friday will be heartbreaking for Kat and Nate. The doctor will push Kat away when he senses that she is having second thoughts about his innocence.

Ricky Sharpe will break down as she admits that she finds it difficult to move on without Brax. Ricky was devastated after Brax disappeared. She believes that he’s dead but Ash knows that Brax is alive and in hiding.

When Marilyn and John take Casey home, they will find out Ricky left without a trace.

Meanwhile, Kyle Pryor, who plays Dr. Nate, and Bonnie Sveen, as Ricky, were spotted filming an intimate scene on the beach for the upcoming episodes of “Home and Away.”

The two shared passionate kiss, suggesting that Nate may get involved with Ricky after a tension between him and Kat, the Daily Mail reported.

Philippa Northeast’s character Evelyn MacGuire was also seen filming some beach scenes.

Philippa has been cast on “Home and Away” in 2013 with her onscreen twin brother Oscar, played by Jake Speer.

The onscreen twins first seen on the soap after their father Ethan took them to live at the Sanctuary Lodge. After Ethan died, the twins live with their uncle Zac (Charlie Clausen) and aunt Heather (Cassie Howarth).

“Home and Away” air on Channel 7.

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