‘Home and Away’ 2015 Spoilers: Andy & Emma Get Steamy; Matt & Charlotte Affair Continues?

Andy and Emma will get steamy in tonight’s episode of “Home and Away.”

The two will try to drown their sorrows at Angeloʼs and will end up in a gym ripping off each other’s clothes, wrote.

Leah proposes that Oscar and Evie move in with her and Zac to give their aunt Hannah some time alone.

Elsewhere in Summer Bay, John and Marilyn will organize a surprise farewell party for Jett. The connection between Matt and Charlotte will get closer after Leah asks Charlotte to be Matt’s tutor.

On Wednesday’s episode of “Home and Away”, Jett will bid his goodbye to John, Marilyn and Alf.

Billie assaults Nate at the gym and starts screaming. When Chris comes in, Billie will tell Chris that Nate attacked her. Will Chris believe her? Will Kat stand behind Nate?

Matt will sneak out of his blind date, Sandra, after he figured they have nothing in common. Meanwhile, Maddy will find out Mattʼs affair with Summer Bay High teacher, Charlotte.

“Home and Away” airs these episode on Seven Network.

Meanwhile, Erika Heynatz opens up about her “Home and Away” character, Charlotte.

Heynatz is currently six months pregnant with her first child. The former Australia’s Next Top Model presenter told that she expects the show writers will find creative ways to conceal her growing baby bump since Charlotte is not actually pregnant.

“I’m happy for some oversized handbags to work with,” Heynatz said.

Portraying Charlotte is Heynatz’s first ongoing television role, wrote. Heynatz said, “It’s something I’ve always wanted to do and it’s proving to be a great new challenge.”

“When I read the character breakdown of the role of Charlotte, I was immediately drawn to her resilience, her instincts and her duplicitous nature. It’s such fun to play a woman with so many secrets. Scandalous!” she added.

Heynatz admits she grew up watching “Home and Away” although she had lost touch because of her busy schedule while touring with the musicals “Legally Blonde” and “The Rocky Horror Show.”

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