‘Home and Away’ 2015: Sexy Spencer Leads Cleo Bachelor of the Year

“Home And Away” star Andrew Morley leads the 2015 Cleo Bachelor of the Year nominations.

This year’s Cleo magazine Bachelor Of The Year list includes 30 men from a wide range of occupations, the Daily Mail reported.

Among the notable celebrities on the list are: “Neighbours “star Travis Burns, former NRL star Daniel Conn, “X Factor” contestant Taylor Henderson, “Australia’s Got Talent” Tim Omaji and Solo Tohi, and 2014 “Big Brother” winner Ryan Ginns.

Morley has been known for his role as Spencer Harrington in “Home and Away.” He left the Aussie drama series earlier this year. However, “Home and Away” executives left his character open for possible return in the Channel Seven soap.

In an interview with the Daily Telegraph, Morley said: “I loved my time on ‘Home and Away’ and I would be completely open to having Spencer return. And it is nice that he isn’t just killed off and it is a justified reason for him going.”

After his stint in “Home and Away,” Morley had travelled to Los Angeles. But he said, “There are a lot of opportunities overseas but it is not necessarily where I want to live.”

Aside from acting, Andrew has also been involved in various charity initiatives, including Oscar’s Law and ReachOut, Daily Telegraph noted.

The 2015 Cleo Bachelor Of The Year will be announced at an event later this year.

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Here’s a complete list of 2015 Cleo magazine Bachelor Of The Year.

Aldo Mignone, 30, Actor – A Place to Call Home

Alston Kam, 27, Accountant

Andrew Morley, 25, Actor – Home And Away

Broc Crannage, 28, Tradie

Chad Hurst, 22, Tradie and Model

Chris Durling, 31, Stage Actor – Les Misérables

Christian Wilkins, 20, Artist and Social Media Star

Dan Conn, 29, Trainer and F45 Academy CEO

Dustin Leonard, 29, Hero Condoms Founder

Dwayne Martens, 30, Amazonia CEO

Dylan Alcott, 21, Paralympic Gold Medalist

Dylan Clark, 22, Bass Player – Little Sea

Hayden Retford, 30, Tradie

Jack Delosa, 28, Entrepreneur and BRW Young Rich List Member

Jake Matthews, 21, UFC Athlete

Jimmy Niggles, 33, Beard Season Ambassador

Jye Emdur, 21, Model, DJ and University Student

Kyol Blakeney, 22, Student Representative

Matt Buntine, 21, AFL Player – GWS Giants

Michael Hing, 30, Comedian

Michael Lane, 35, Dancer

Nick Wraym, 23, Video Producer

Ryan Ginns, 27, 2014 Big Brother Winner

Sam Marks, 25, DJ and Dancer

Sanjeev Dave, 24, Banker

Solo Tohi, 28, Justice Crew

Taylor Henderson, 22, Musician

Tim Omaji, 28, Singer and Dancer

Timothy Downsborough, 31, Architect and Model

Travis Burns, 24, Actor – Neighbours

Zeke Samat, 23, Actor and Model

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