Phoebe has some major decision making to do this week in “Home and Away”.

“Home and Away” spoilers ahead.

After she found out that she is pregnant, Phoebe needs to make a decision about the baby and her relationships with Ash and Kyle, DigitalSpy wrote.

Phoebe will initially hide her situation until her housemate, Denny, finds a positive pregnancy test in the bin. Denny confronts Hannah, believing the test to be hers. Phoebe eventually admits that it was her pregnancy test and she is not sure who the baby’s father is. Phoebe broke up with her longtime boyfriend Kyle and has become romantically involved with Ash.

Phoebe also admits to Denny and Hannah that she never wanted to be a mom so she is not planning to keep the baby.

The two persuade Phoebe to talk to Kyle and Ash before making any decisions. She later decides to talk to Ash but he reacts badly to her news and walks away.

Will this ruin their relationship? Will Phoebe tell Kyle her pregnancy?

Elsewhere in Summer Bay, Nate treats Billie of her burns she sustained during the fire at Leah’s house. However, Billie is not sure why the doctor is good to her despite her previous assault accusation against him.

When Ash visits her sister in hospital, Billie admits to him that she is depressed because of the suspicion that she has something to do with the fire, DigitalSpy reported.

Billie asks him whether he thinks she was involved in the incident. Ash replied the evidence is clear which makes Billie angry. She warns Ash that if he believes so, she rather not have a brother.

Later, Billie will reveal that Brax is alive. She writes a note to Ricky which reads: “Ash lied. Brax is still alive.” Soon after, Nate finds her bed empty at the hospital.

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