Dr. Nate Cooper and Ricky Sharpe will finally let the world know of their relationship in the upcoming episodes of “Home and Away.”

The pair will decide that they want to be together and Nate will have to end his relationship with Kat Chapman to be with Ricky.

DigitalSpy quoted Kyle Pryor, in an interview with TV Week, saying: “Nate doesn’t want to hurt Kat considering everything she has been through. He will always care for her, but he knows what is best for both of them and that is being apart.”

Pyror, who plays the role of Nate, added: “He knows him and Ricky could have been more tactful. However, once Nate has made up his mind, he isn’t too bothered what people think.”

Will Nate and Ricky have a happy ending? What will happen when Brax returns to Summer Bay?

Steve Peacocke had previously revealed that his character Brax is returning to the Channel Seven soap for a top-secret storyline.

The actor told The Sunday Telegraph that Brax will return to spice things up in Summer Bay.

“It is a nice little surprise. It was a good story the producers put to me, so I thought it is a nice way to see everyone for a bit,” Peacocke revealed.

Most residents of the Bay thought Brax was dead after he attempted to escape from prison. However, Ash and Billie know that Brax is alive.

Meanwhile, Roo Stewart will also uncover a shocking fact about her fiancé James Edmunds this week.

Roo will find out that James has a wife and children. She will later meet with met with James’ wife, Megan.

Although hurt by what she found out, Roo thinks it is not enough reason to end her relationship with James, until she learns another shocking secret that he has been hiding.

Will she finally call off the engagement?

“Home and Away” airs weekdays at 7pm on Channel Seven in Australia.