‘Home and Away’ 2015: Is Josh Dead? Hunter to Blame?

Josh’s life will be in turmoil in the upcoming episodes of “Home and Away.”

Josh will admit that he is taking pills to help him in his studies. Evie will be mad at him, while Josh will be knocked down at the bottom of the stairs. Charlotte will find Josh unconscious.

Nate will convince Josh to go to hospital, but Andy thinks otherwise. He knows that Josh has drugs in his system.

VJ will spot a suspicious figure spying on him and the family. VJ will chase him down and will be able to snatch his backpack before he can escape, wrote.

Meanwhile, Charlotte will loan Zac $20,000 to help with his financial problems. When Charlotte comes home, he will find a mysterious man in her room. To her surprise, it’s her son Hunter.

Hunter will confess to Charlotte that he accidentally pushed Josh down the stairs.

Elsewhere, Kyle will lose $5,000 in a poker game. When he admits that he cannot pay, he will be badly beaten.

Also, don’t miss Ash’s reaction on Phoebe’s pregnancy next week.

She will tell Ash about the baby but Ash will react differently. Upset by Ash’s response, Phoebe will cry on Ricky’s shoulders.

Ash will eventually apologize to Phoebe and will convince her that she should tell Kyle because he deserves to know as well. They find Kyle in the hospital – unconscious and badly beaten.

Meanwhile, Denny Miller died in last night’s episode of “Home and Away.”

DigitalSpy wrote Denny died after a fight with Charlotte that got out of hand.

Denny was preparing to bid farewell to Summer Bay after she decided to travel to Europe. Before heading to the airport, Denny went over to Charlotte’s house. She found out the safe had gone missing from The Diner.

A fight ensued between Denny and Charlotte. Denny fell to the floor and hit her head. Charlotte was shocked after realizing that Denny is dead.

Will Charlotte hide her death? Don’t miss “Home and Away” from Mondays to Thursdays at 7pm on Network Seven in Australia.

Actress Jessica Grace Smith, who played Denny, posted a tweet to thank everyone who supported her. She joined the Aussie drama show last year.


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