“Home and Away” star Bonnie Sveen is rumoured to be leaving the longest running Aussie soap.

The blonde actress, who plays Ricky Sharpe, in Channel Seven’s show was recently photograph wiping her tears away while on set location in Palm Beach.

According to the Daily Mail, Sveen broke down in tears as she appeared to be filming her final scenes for “Home and Away.” Onlookers speculated that she must really be about to leave after five years on the soap.

The 27-year-old actress was also seen being comforted by a man, who appeared to be working behind the scenes,  while another colleague appeared to present the actress with a paper bouquet. These further fuel speculations that Bonnie is about to leave the show.

However, Sveen denied rumors that she is leaving Summer Bay. Daily Mail quoted her saying: “I’m still comfortable in the Bay.”  Daily Mail noted that Bonnie admitted last month that she was “curious” about life after “Home and Away” and that she is open to explore other career options.

“No plans for Hollywood. I’m curious about life outside of ‘Home And Away’ but I’m in no rush,” she said.

The blonde actress first appeared on “Home And Away” in 2010 as Hayley Dovers. She returned to the soap in 2013 and took the role of Ricky.

Meanwhile, Bonnie will be the center of “Home and Away” spinoff, titled “An Eye for an “Eye” which premiered Wednesday after “Home and Away” season finale.

The spinoff’s storyline revolved around the kidnapping of Casey, Ricky and Daryl “Brax” Braxton (Stephen Peacocke) baby son.

Bonnie admitted to news.com.au that working with all 16 babies under the age of eight months was weird and a difficult experience.

“It’s hard enough because you can’t control them, having to then get to know a baby’s personality immediately and then try to work the scene to them, it’s really difficult,” said Sveen.

The show has 16 other babies substituted between scenes for the role of Casey Braxton, news.com.au wrote.