‘Home and Away’ 2015: Ed Sheeran Role is ‘Teddy’; Related to Marilyn Chambers


Ed Sheeran is set to appear in a cameo role in Australian drama “Home and Away.”

The British singer will play the role of Teddy, one of the children Emily Symons’ character Marilyn Chambers took care of while living in the UK, The Guardian reported.

Sheeran visits Summer Bay and surprises everyone when he turns out to be the chart-topping musician. He will treat everyone with a special performance, singing “Thinking Out Loud,” during a dinner.

Sheeran has been very vocal about his cameo in “Home and Away.” He recently said, “It’s an Australian institution. It’s always on in my local chip shop. I got asked to do it and it sounded like it could be fun. I did Shortland Street in New Zealand as well and I’m sure if Emmerdale or EastEnders ever ask me in England I would do that as well.”

The 24-year-old musician filmed his “Home and Away” scenes while on tour in Australia this year, The Independent wrote.

The “Make It Rain” singer is the only international celebrity to appear on the Aussie soap and the biggest musician since Australian pop star John Farnham’s appearance in the late 1980s.

The episode where Sheeran will appear is set to air in Australia later this year and in the UK on Channel 5 in the winter.

It was previously reported that Ed has been cast in a recurring role in FX’s new medieval drama “The Bastard Executioner.”

Meanwhile, Mirror earlier reported that Sheeran is also planning to take a break from music and will take some time for charity work.

Citing an insider, the site noted the singer intends to volunteer at the Sue Ryder shop in his town of Framlingham in Suffolk.

The source added that Ed is already in talks of setting up a new youth center in the town.

Last year, the singer donated his “whole wardrobe” to three charity shops in Suffolk.

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